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Congratulations to Alvin & Mickey Gray on their retirement!

Dear Gray Bros. Customers,

Welcome to Arrowhead Trash Service!

Locally owned & operated by Troy & Jodi Freauff of Wiggins, CO., we are extremely excited to welcome you to the Arrowhead family and look forward to providing you with the best trash service.

As we transition each customer from Gray Brother’s Trash Service to Arrowhead Trash Service on August 1st, 2019, below are some points to keep in mind, as well as information to help you as a customer with the transition.

  • Your bill will not change, all pricing will remain the same.  There will be some price evaluations done at the end of 2019 and if there are any changes to your bill you will be notified in writing prior to the change.

  • Payments can be made online with your Web ID on your statement, using our website or by check to the address above.  Autopay can also be set up online or by calling our office.

  • Pick-up days will remain the same.  If you have any issues with a pick-up or need information on the schedule, please call 970-467-1512.

  • Please have trash and waste to be hauled out by 4am on the morning of your pick-up. 

  • All pets & animals need to be fenced, restrained or inside during pick-ups.  Your scheduled pick-up may not occur if pets & animals left are out.

  • If you would like an extra pick-up or have large items that do not fit inside the trash container, please call 970-467-1512 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up for us to plan for the extra waste.

  • Containers that need repaired or replaced will be fixed/replaced in the upcoming months, please bear with us as we will be focusing our efforts on those with the highest need and concern.

  • Any customer currently providing their own cans or utilizing only trash bags, 96-Gallon Totes will be delivered to your residence by the end of October 2019.  This will ensure that we can provide the best service possible.

  • Please see our website for updates on our Holiday Schedule or to view any schedule changes due to weather. Our Facebook & Instagram pages will also provide updates to any schedule changes.


Thank you for your continued dedication to Gray Brother’s Trash and we look forward to earning you as a customer.  Our office hours are 7am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

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